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Color-depositing shampoo recommendation: offers 7 shades to choose from!


Color-depositing shampoo recommended by professional salon-favorite brand: MCG Color-depositing Shampoo. The series includes seven colors: Rose Blue, Purple, Pink Lady, Violet, Starry  Orange, Milk Tea, and the toning shampoo "White" that neutralizes yellow tones. These various colors satisfy your desire for experimenting with shades. They contain natural plant thickeners, allowing easy blending of two colors for creative home use. This ensures uniform application and prevents uneven coloring issues with color-replenishing shampoos!

How to choose the color of color-depositing shampoo?

The most basic way to choose the color of a color-depositing shampoo is to base it on your dyed hair color. In addition to this, you can also consider whether you need to suppress yellow tones, correct green tones, deal with multiple colors of balayage, or if your bleached hair has faded to a light blonde and you want to change the color. These factors can help in determining the right color. For more videos on the actual application of color-depositing shampoos, you can visit '100 Hair Designers Test MCG Color-depositing Shampoo' to see the designers' tests!

If your target color is only one, you can choose based on your dyed hair color.

Seven applications of color-depositing shampoo

Milk Tea : coffee-toned, milk tea hair color

Pink Lady : Light-pink-toned, rose gold hair color

Violet : Red -warm purple, mauve hair color

Rose Blue : Flaxen green, gray, cool gray-blue hair color

Purple : Cool purple, lavender hair color

Starry Orange  : Orange-toned, dirty orange, reddish-brown hair color

White : Suppresses hair yellow pigment

How to choose a color-depositing shampoo for balayage?

First, choose a color-depositing shampoo based on your hair's base color. Then, decide whether to purchase a second color based on the color of the balayage strands. If the balayage hair is similar to the base color, you can use the same color-depositing shampoo. Despite using the same product, it can still produce different levels of effect due to the lighter color of the balayage areas. If the two hair colors are not in the same color family, you will need to purchase color-depositing shampoos separately for both the base color and the balayage color.

How to use color-depositing shampoo for balayage?

Partial balayage: For techniques like half-head, interior, halo, or hand-painted balayage, start by using the color-depositing shampoo matching your hair's base color on the base sections. Then, use a second color-depositing shampoo on the balayage sections. If you want to prevent color mixing, consider using clips to separate hair sections when applying different colors.

For partial highlights such as half highlights, inner highlights, ear loop highlights, and balayage, first use the color-depositing shampoo that matches your base hair color on the base color areas. Then, use a second color-depositing shampoo on the highlighted areas. If you want to avoid color mixing, it is recommended to use clips to separate the hair sections while washing with different colors.

How to Use green-correcting color-depositing shampoo?

Whether dyeing hair or using color-depositing shampoos with blue pigments over the long term, it's common for hair to turn green after fading. To counteract this, you can apply Pink Lady or Violet to the areas needing green correction at home, using the principle of complementary colors (green is counteracted by red). This method helps effectively combat green hues.


Extended Reading: "Stuck with Green? What to Do About Hair Color Turning Green?" Using color-depositing shampoo teaches you how to easily combat green tones at home!

Can I use a different color-depositing shampoo each time?

People who enjoy playing with colors often like to experiment with various color changes. If you want to achieve a color change using color-depositing shampoo, it's recommended to wait until your hair has faded before using another color-depositing shampoo. This helps avoid mixing colors due to residual tones from previous colors, which can result in a muddy or murky appearance. Typically, the higher the hair dye level, the more noticeable the color change will be after fading, as the color-depositing shampoo's effect depends on how light the hair base color is. If the hair base color isn't light enough, you can use a toning shampoo like 'White' to remove any muddy or yellowish tones, which can also help achieve a cleaner color when changing shades.

Color-depositing shampoo recommendation - MCG Color-Depositing Shampoo: actual color application

MCG Color-Depositing Shampoo - Pink Lady

Source of the work: M-palace Rin.

MCG Color-Depositing Shampoo - Violet

Source of the work: M-palace Rin.

The hair color after washing is divided into three different shades from the top of the head: upper, middle, and lower. This is mainly because the fading of the hair is not uniform. As seen in the left image, the hair color before washing also has three segments. The color-depositing shampoo will change differently depending on the fading situation.

MCG Color-Depositing Shampoo - Starry Orange

Source of the work: M-palace Rin.

MCG Color-Depositing Shampoo - Milk Tea

Source of the work: M-palace Rin.

The model's hair color before washing had some areas with a greenish tint. The stylist first used "Pink Lady" to address the greenish tint, then applied "Milk Tea" for color correction. As a result, the hair color after washing turned out to be a beautiful and clean milk tea shade.

MCG Color-Depositing Shampoo - Rose Blue

Source of the work: M-palace BETA.

In addition to primarily using Rose Blue, a bit of Purple is also added to create a romantic blue hue. However, because the hair's original color is green, long-term use of Rose Blue and  Purple, which contain blue pigments, may result in a greenish tint after fading. For more information on the greenish tint, you can refer to: "Trapped in green? What to do when your hair turns green."

MCG Color-Depositing Shampoo - Purple

Source of the work: M-palace Rin.

MCG Toning Shampoo - White

Source of the work: M-palace Rin.

As a toning shampoo, "White" effectively neutralizes yellow pigments and adds a misty effect to the hair color, enhancing its visual texture and quality.

Source of the work: Temp Nico

Although the hair color after using White is orange, it adds a "soft mist" visual effect compared to simply using Starry Orange. This is because the stylist first used White to neutralize yellow tones, and then applied Starry Orange in the second round.

There are many color-depositing Shampoo brands on the market, including L'Oréal, Wella, and Kerastase, each with its unique features. This article recommends the MCG Color-Depositing Shampoo from Taiwan, which is highly favored by professional salons.


The main reasons for this recommendation are:

  1. No Chemical Thickeners: The product uses natural plant-based thickeners instead of chemical ones, making it less irritating to sensitive scalps post-bleaching and dyeing. It helps reduce inflammation and itching on the scalp.
  2. Easy Application: Compared to products with chemical thickeners, MCG Color-Depositing Shampoo is easier to apply evenly. It prevents issues related to excessive viscosity, which can make it difficult to distribute the product evenly through the hair.
  3. High-Quality Pigments: The shampoo uses high-quality pigments that can be applied without gloves, reducing concerns about pigment staining or residue on hands.
  4. Nourishing Ingredients: It contains eight natural plant extracts that provide conditioning benefits while correcting color, ensuring that the hair remains smooth and not dry after use.


These four major features contribute to why designers and clients who have tried it often become repeat customers.


※The actual hair color results may vary depending on the base color of each individual. If you’re unsure which color-depositing shampoo to use, feel free to ask MCG's online customer service for personalized recommendations: @mcgcolorful (click to join the customer service line).

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