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Men's Perms: Saving High Foreheads and Thin Hair with the "Bad Boy Perm" 


Men's Perms: Saving High Foreheads and Thin Hair with the "Bad Boy Perm"

Differen from normal Men's Perm Styles like Korean Perms and Clean Short Hair.

In recent years, a bold new style called the "Bad Boy Perm" has gained popularity. Despite its edgy name, this perm creates a rebellious and carefree look without implying any negative traits about the wearer. We've consulted with Angel, a skilled hair designer from HT Hair x Time Salon in Miaoli, who specializes in the Bad Boy Perm, to introduce you to this trending style for 2023. Angel also shares how to properly maintain this look. Plus, there's a bonus hair mask voucher at the end of the article!

What is the Bad Boy Perm and How Does it Differ from the Crimped Perm?

Many people confuse the early 2000s crimped perm with the Bad Boy Perm because both styles give the hair a voluminous look. However, Angel clarifies that the crimped perm is more damaging to the hair and harder to manage afterward. To change the style, you often have to cut off the crimped hair, as the texture remains. 


The Bad Boy Perm, also known as the foil perm, uses foil to wrap hair strands and a twisting technique to create volume. This method is less damaging and offers a more relaxed look. Angel recommends having hair lengths between 5 to 12 centimeters for the best results. This style is favored by many trendy men.

Hair salon designer Angel in  Miaoli

Hair salon designer Angel

Ideal Face Shapes and Hair Types for the Bad Boy Perm

Regardless of head size or face shape, any man looking to achieve a stylish appearance can opt for the Bad Boy Perm. A professional stylist will tailor the perm to each individual's hair condition, face shape, and head shape to create the most flattering look. Angel gives examples of how the technique is adjusted for different conditions:

Larger Face or Head Shapes

Avoid very short cuts and only apply the perm to specific areas.

Thick, Coarse Hair

Use wider sections of foil and adjust the twisting technique or combine with other perm methods.

For thick and coarse hair, reduce the foil sections to avoid overly voluminous hair. Provided by Angel.

For thick and coarse hair, reduce the foil sections to avoid overly voluminous hair. Provided by Angel.

Naturally Curly Hair

The Bad Boy Perm is a great option for naturally curly hair. Instead of straightening curls, this perm enhances them, offering a new way to showcase natural curls.

Natural curl bad boy perm creation. Provided by Angel.

High Foreheads, Thin Hair, Fine Hair

This perm is especially recommended for men with high foreheads, thin hair, or fine hair, as it adds volume, making the hair appear fuller.

The sparse and loose hair style can increase the visual volume.

The sparse and loose hair style can increase the visual volume.

Avoiding a Bad Boy Perm Failure: No Bleaching and Good Hair Quality

Angel has encountered many cases of failed perms due to damaged hair or insufficient volume. Issues often arise when hair has been previously bleached or the perm process was done incorrectly, leading to breakage.


Bleached hair lacks elasticity, making it unsuitable for perming as the chemical changes can cause the hair to snap.


Angel advises that men with bleached hair should wait until the bleached sections grow out and are cut off before getting a Bad Boy Perm. Additionally, frequent dyeing and perming can lead to dry ends, so it's important to strengthen hair care.

How Long Does a Bad Boy Perm Last?

The duration of a Bad Boy Perm depends on proper maintenance and the initial health of the hair. Healthier hair can maintain the perm until the permed sections are cut off, while unhealthy, less elastic hair may struggle to hold the style. Good maintenance and proper hair care can extend the life of the perm.

Maintaining a Bad Boy Perm

Common questions include when to wash hair after perming and which products to use. Generally, hair can be washed the day after perming, but for those who perm frequently, waiting two days is recommended. Angel shares a four-step routine for washing and caring for permed hair:

4 Steps to Manage bad boy hair


Use a deep-cleansing shampoo to clean the scalp and hair.


Apply a rinse-out hair mask for conditioning.


Pay attention to the direction and strength of airflow while blow-drying.


Use a leave-in hair oil to smooth frizz after blow-drying.

When blow-drying, avoid twisting the hair too much. Blow-dry in your usual manner with the airflow directed from top to bottom, using a moderate airflow to prevent disrupting the hair's natural pattern. Ensuring your hair is fully dry before sleeping is crucial, as sleeping with wet hair can lead to frizz due to friction with the pillow.


Angel also provides a tip for morning touch-ups: spray water or apply mousse to dampen the hair, then re-dry it in sections to restore shape. If the frizz is severe, washing and drying the hair again may be necessary.


With these tips, you can maintain a stylish and well-kept Bad Boy Perm for longer.

How to Choose Hair Care and Styling Products

After a bad boy perm, those with fine hair may experience dryness.Individuals with coarse hair will feel the dryness more intensely. Therefore, Angel suggests selecting a high-moisture hair mask after getting a bad boy perm. A recommended option is the MEM Hair Mask, which is specifically designed for dyed and permed hair and contains many hydrating ingredients.

The use of styling products depends on personal preference. Angel mentions that for important occasions, using a "soft wax" can enhance hair shine. However, for daily maintenance, styling products are generally unnecessary for a bad boy perm.

After reading the introduction and maintenance tips for the bad boy perm, I hope it helps you on your journey to becoming a stylish man. If you haven't taken the first step yet, don't worry! You can find the contact information for stylist Angel below and reach out for a consultation.

Stylist Information


HT Hair x Time – Angel
Angel IG: @ht_x_angel
LINE (Appointment Hotline): @175llsnx
Address: 66 Zizhi Road, Miaoli City, Miaoli County, 360, Taiwan

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